Code of Conduct

TOGETHER WE SEEK to build a world on the sure foundation of mutual respect, openness and trust. Each of us must find ways to live our faith with integrity and allow others to do the same. Our different religious traditions teach us the importance of good relationships characterized by honesty, compassion and generosity of spirit. FaithBridge offers the following code of conduct to strengthen these relationships.

*I seek cooperation and common ground with my neighbors. I am as interested in what is in my neighbors’ hearts as what is in their heads.

*I treat others as I would like to be treated.

*I recognize that all of us sometimes fall short of the ideals of our own traditions; therefore I resist the temptation to compare my ideals against my neighbors’ practices.

*I assume the sincerity and goodwill of adherents of other faith traditions. I grant my neighbors the benefit of a doubt.

*I seek in all situations to show respect and courtesy to others. In my dealings with people of differing faiths and beliefs, I exercise sensitivity, kindness and good will.

*I am honest about my beliefs and religious allegiances. I am straightforward about my intentions.

*I recognize that both listening and speaking are necessary for a genuine conversation.

*I respect my neighbors’ freedom within the law to express their beliefs and convictions.

*I seek to understand what my neighbors actually believe and value, and I encourage them to express this in their own terms.

*I respect my neighbors’ convictions about food, dress and social etiquette, and I avoid behaving in ways that cause needless offence.

*I avoid the use of profanity and I do not intentionally give offense.

*I respect another person's expressed wish to be left alone.

*I know there will be times when our paths diverge. At such times I agree to disagree with my neighbors on matters of faith and practice.

*I do not view myself or my faith tradition as being in competition with my neighbors’.

*I do not misrepresent or disparage my neighbors’ beliefs and practices.

*I speak no ill of my neighbors’ religions, convictions or political views, nor question my neighbors' integrity.

*I correct misunderstandings and misrepresentations not only of my own faith, but also of other faiths whenever I come across them.

*I avoid imposing myself, my tradition, or my views on anyone, and especially on individuals or communities in vulnerable situations.

*I accept that in formal interfaith gatherings I have a responsibility to ensure that the religious commitments of all those who are present will be respected.

I do not proselytize. I do not seek to convert my neighbors to my own faith at any event sponsored or facilitated by FaithBridge.

*I work to prevent disagreement from leading to conflict.

*I avoid violent action or language, threats, manipulation, improper inducements, or the misuse of any kind of power.

*I listen and speak when questions arise concerning relationships among us or the groups we represent.

*I give my permission for my neighbors to approach me with constructive criticism and suggestions concerning the fulfillment of this code. When it is necessary to offer such a criticism, I do so with concern for my neighbor and the good of all.