Sounds of Faith Children's Interfaith Concert

 4:00 o’clock pm, Sunday, 28 January 2018

The Raue Center for the Arts, Crystal Lake, Illinois USA

On Sunday, January 28, 2018 over 170 children and youth from various faith traditions throughout Chicago gathered at the Raue Center for the Arts (26 N Williams Street, Crystal Lake) for a day of interfaith music and dance. Their day culminated in a public concert called “The Sounds of Faith”. It included song, dance, recitation, and chant from Islamic, Jewish, Christian and Hindu traditions. All participants joined together in a shared anthem, “Peace in the Desert” composed and conducted by the well-known Chicago-area composer, Lee Kesselman, and “Now I Walk In Beauty” by Greg Smith. Below you can watch the trailer, the full concert and a behind the scenes event documentary.


Concert Documentary >>

This 14 minute behind-the-scenes documentary takes you inside the production to meet the Ensemble leaders and some of the children who brought their tradition of sacred music to the concert.

<< Concert Trailer

This 4 minute trailer of the Sounds of Faith Children's Interfaith Concert, organized to celebrate World Interfaith Harmony Week, introduces the event and the many Ensembles that came together in harmony 

<< Full Concert

This 1 hour and 17 minute video shows the full concert featuring: The Nasheed Club of the Islamic Foundation School, Campanella Children's Choir, Indian Dance School, Chicago Children's Choir: Roger's Park and Albany Park Neighborhood Allegro Choirs, Trinity United Church of Christ: Little Warriors for Christ

Inspiring Hope

The humanitarian spirit of peace and hope was embodied by a courageous young man, Aboud. Together with his family, Aboud had fled the total devastation of civil war in Aleppo, Syria, and was grateful to find refuge in Jordan several years ago. Most of his extended family. including his father, perished in the fighting. Aboud and his family had lived several months in the bombed-out ruins of his Aleppo home. His family (mother, two daughters and two sons) arrived in Chicago on the eve of a political convention that, only a few months later, resulted in a total immigration ban from his native Syria. They continue to be sponsored by a local congregation. 


When Aboud heard about the concert, he wanted to sing too. Although personally unknown to them, the Nasheed Club invited him to join them. He had one week to prepare. But not only did he sing publicly for the first time in his life; more importantly, he made many new friends. His contribution to the joyful, hopeful energy of the concert won the hearts of the audience and made his mother and family very proud.